Think3 Innovations is an app development shop specializing in engineering custom IT solutions to fit all your business needs. We build custom solutions for your business that will help you become more innovative and productive.

We offer free consultation and will provide you with our best estimates to help solve your IT problems. We can help automate existing business processes or architect a more efficient solution so you can become more productive in your area of business.

Our clients range from a wide variety of diverse industries. We enjoy the challenge of solving problems that may hamper your daily business's productivity.

Here are a few of our areas of expertise.

  • Native iOS and Android Mobile App Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Cloud and Network Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions and Integrations

Seth Tum, CTO

Seth Tum is a Navy Veteran who served from 1998-2002. After his honorable discharge, he attended LaSalle University in Philadelphia where he studied Computer Science.

Seth serves as Think3's driving force to stay ahead of the curve in all things Tech. He is always looking for ways to challenge traditional processes with new cutting edge and innovative solutions to help solve your business needs.

Brent Zeiders, COO

Brent Zeiders is an IT Professional with vast knowledge and experience within the IT field as well as a proven IT Project Management background. As Think3's COO, Brent focuses on the development process as well as IT operations for the organization.

Utilizing his experiences as a professional in both the public and private sectors, Brent brings an extensive yet unique focus on networking, server and telephony infrastructures for Think3's current and future projects.

Michael Schuenemann, MP

Michael Schuenemann has an Associate Degree in Business Management from Valley Forge Military College, B.A. degree in Marketing from LaSalle University, and is currently pursuing his M.B.A. at Shippensburg University. He resides in Harrisburg, PA with his family and has a passion for the Outdoors and all Philadelphia sports teams.

Michael has over 12 years of marketing and account management experience working in the public and private sectors focusing on technology solutions. He is responsible for overseeing Business Development, Account Management, and Customer Service at Think3 Innovations.


Think3 Innovations was hired to desgin a new platform to solve an ongoing problem for real estate agents. The HouseekR team wanted to find a simple solution for agents to keep track of their own listings and see analytics of real time traffic while keeping open communication with their currrent clients. Agents are paying monthly subscription fees to 3rd party sites for listing their homes and the leads thate were generated were very inaccurate. Many agents weren't able to qualify potential buyers or sellers based on the data they were paying a monthly subscription fee for.

Think3 Innovations solved this problem by designing a full business solution for consumers and agents. Think3 Innovations partners with HouseekR to develop a new mobile app called HouseekR and launched an admin portal for agents to track traffic on their listings, manage their appointments, and chat live with potential buyers and sellers.


AnteSocial is an internal project the Think3 Innovations dev teams is working on which is slated to launch later in 2018. AnteSocial is a social networking app that lets players compete with friends or with the public using augmented reality and camera dectection in a scavenger hunt type game.

The basis for the game is to challege friends to solve riddles that require the use of their mobile device to scan objects in their environment. Once a player correctly scans an object, using augment reality, it unlocks the next clue. Players will compete to earn achievements and unlockables that may lead to prizes, rewards and more.


The HouseekR project launch was featured in the Central Penn Business Journal in 2017. Click here to view the article.


Our CTO Seth Tum, was featured on the cover of the Central Penn Business Journal after launching Think3 Innovation's very first mobile app Bluup. Bluup was a brand new app designed using Apple's iBeacons to deliver alerts when dining out in the Central PA area. Click here to view the full article.

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Think3 Innovations partners with HouseekR and GoodThree Design to develop a new mobile app for the real estate industry. The HouseekR project was built to better connect real estate agents to potential sellers and buyers.

HouseekR released to market a new iOS and Android mobile app that features live chat, appointment scheduling, and Bluetooth beacon technology. Home shoppers can search, save, organize and get updates on their favorite homes, anytime and anywhere.

GoodThree Designs

Think3 Innovations partners with GoodThree Design on multiple projects including HouseekR and QuickSave.

GoodThree Design is a branding and design firm with a desire to invest in the client-designer relationship through a “Design Thinking Forward” model. They believe that innovative design requires uncommon creativity and that images and copy must flow seamlessly together visually to tell an audible story.

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